Liz Weeden McNeil


“Let’s take this to the next level.” – Liz


Liz aims for maximum impact, challenging and inspiring her team to push boundaries for best-in-class, 360-degree campaigns. A story turns into a broadcast segment; an award turns into a revenue-driving emailer; a partnership produces email acquisitions and supplemental profit. We all admire Liz’s work. As one team member put it: “Liz works hard, efficiently and is always looking to do something bigger and better than before.”


A data fiend, Liz heads up Quinn’s measurement efforts, developing the agency’s data-driven reporting while always looking for new ways to assess quality of work and ROI. When you give Liz’s team a goal, they won’t stop until they meet it.


Liz began with us as an intern nine years ago. Now her team members have grown into leadership positions under her.


For peace and reflection, Liz begins her day walking her three-legged schnauzer and ends it turning a mundane weeknight supper into a culinary adventure. A “freshwater fish,” Liz’s happy place is anywhere lakeside, especially visiting family in the Finger Lakes or kayaking just outside NYC.