Kristie Deptula Farinha


“It isn’t called work when you love what you do.” – Kristie Deptula Farinha


Kristie, Quinn’s level-headed magician, delivers results that leave us gasping. When she gets NYT-front-page coverage, boldface brand partnerships and yet more business from her existing clients, we hope a bit of her magic will rub off on us. A 12-year Quinn veteran who started in the NY office, Kristie leads a growing West Coast team, based in LA.


Kristie’s even tone is key to her strong relationships with clients and top journalists. Nearly clairvoyant, she gets things done before clients ask. “She sees around corners,” as one team member put it.


Kristie’s team members flourish under her wing. Her calm makes them confident, while they love that she “sees and seizes the opportunity – always something new.”


When not busy in the kitchen, trying a new wine or scoping the culinary scene, Kristie might be running on the beach or zipping into Barry’s Bootcamp.